We bring you a quick view of the most important news in the past two days! On the cover: Spanish wrestler A-Kid, by Beyond Gorilla. (Read the spanish version here)


South America

  • ¿What’s going on with Ian Muhlig? The peruvian wrestler, who masters the “Millionaire Lock”, could be plotting some move a couple of weeks before his match along Infest and Cava, against the “Future Team”, conformed by Zero, Franco Azurin and Alissa Webb in the upcoming show of Gladiadores.
  • Will Pardo be the one? The Viceroy Rafael de Salamanca insists in that there’s no wrestler at his level on Gladiadores. The ecuatorian wrestler Pardo will compete against him in the upcoming show, with the mission of becoming the best opponent the Viceroy has had. Will he accomplish it?
  • Cabrona, Una sola. Paula, The Chilean magazine, published a news story about Zatara (who competed on last year’s Mae Young Classic) deepening on the obstacles she had to face and how she got her actual respected status in Chilean wrestling.
  • Have a look at Arica’s pro wrestling. The website El Morrocotudo interviewed Joaquin Moraga, to know more about the work of the Chilean promotion Arica Lucha Libre and his radio proyect, Hablemos de Lucha.
  • 33 legionaries, 1 chance. The 33-legionaries battle royal has been confirmed for the August 10th show of Chilean promotion Legión Lucha Libre. The winner will challenge any champion he/she chooses. Also, Victor Motta set an open challenge to any wrestler on the promotion.
  • Go hard or go home. Rayo will make his second Hatun Auqui’s Championship defense against Brian Johnson, the #1 entrant of this year’s ROH Top Prospect Tournament. The victory would let Rayo demonstrate that he deserves to be on that tournament.
  • The Saiyajin flies. The Chilean wrestler Tyra Fly, who has the gimmick of a Dragon Ball Saiyajin Warrior, will wrestle soon on Mexico, at Cuautitlàn Izcalli Arena, thanks to IzcaProm.

New Southamerican announced shows


  • The Cleaner speaks. Kenny Omega shared his thoughts after wrestling on Triplemania 27.
  • Dreammatch! The spanish wrestler A-Kid will face Mike Quackenbush at Whitewolf Wrestling’s show called Master. A-Kid is one of the 25 opponents Quackenbush will be facing for his 25-year career celebration.
  • One last ride. Amazing Red is back, and will be taking part of this year’s Super J Cup, along YOH, BUSHI, Carístico, Taguchi, Ishimori, SHO, Dragon Lee and TJP.

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